Month: May 2013

Pecan Praline 1

Chocolate Pecan and Praline Cookies

Ok so you know how I said my best recipe ever was my Paleo Triple Chocolate Mint Brownies? Well I lied. Because this is my best recipe ever. Seriously. You know how they always say you are your harshest critic? Well not today! After I tasted these I jumped up and down in pure chocolate […] Read more…

Key Lime 1

Key Lime Muffincakes

What exactly is a Muffincake you might ask? Well it’s a combination of a Muffin and a Cupcake! It’s got the texture of a muffin, but then it’s topped with a rich creamy frosting like a cupcake. You get the best of both worlds! Okay enough of my shenanigans…so what really happened is I couldn’t […] Read more…

Mint Brownie 3

Triple Chocolate Mint Brownies

You guys. I just made the best Paleo Triple Chocolate Mint Brownies ever. Triple chocolate? Who makes that? Me. Because I need chocolate on three levels. Triple like. Seriously. I know. I’m not even kidding you’ll die. I made them before I went over to my neighbors house last night and then let them cool […] Read more…