Beyond Bacon – A Review of Sorts

Photo Courtesy of Paleo Parents

Photo Courtesy of Paleo Parents

I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of Beyond Bacon by Matt and Stacy of Paleo Parents. I’ve only had the book a few weeks and it’s already got post-its hanging out everywhere, sticky pages with smudges, and all the tell-tale signs that distinguish a well used and well loved cookbook. It’s such a gorgeous book, I should have framed it while I had the chance, but I’m so happy I didn’t.

I finished Beyond Bacon at 10:11pm exactly. I remember this because I’ve never wanted to cook so bad in my entire life at such a strange hour. This book literally made me want to take a vacation from work and just cook every single recipe in it for a week straight. Who needs sandy beaches and margaritas when you can have pork in all these glorious ways! Okay who are we kidding here, I still want a margarita but I’ll drink it while I cook.

Sometimes as a food blogger where creating recipes and cooking are like a second job, you find it tough to be inspired. Mostly you just want to hang out with your friends on Sunday and relax rather than do recipe tasting and photographing. Beyond Bacon has reinvented the wheel, taking inspiration to new levels. Beyond Bacon is literally a love story that you watch unfold with every turn of the page and I’m so happy I was there to witness it. It made me re-discover what I love most about food, that it’s an entire sensory experience. Beyond Bacon has inspired me to get creative with unique flavor combinations and try recipes that I normally wouldn’t. It’s pages are overflowing with gorgeous photographs that literally jump off the page begging to be devoured.

Another thing I love about Beyond Bacon is that it delivers the details of it’s recipes without being pretentious or impossible to decipher. It’s informative and easy to read, it can be for someone who has been following a Paleo lifestyle for a week, for years or someone who doesn’t follow Paleo at all and just likes to eat!

Head on over to Paleo Parents to get the recipe for these Asian Short Ribs.

Photo Courtesy of Paleo Parents

Photo Courtesy of Paleo Parents

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  1. I have been sitting on the fence about Beyond Bacon, mainly questioning whether I need ANOTHER paleo cookbook in my somewhat HUGE cookbook collection. You have just about convinced me…

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  3. Thank you for this well penned review. Ive found it much more interesting than a normal play by play diet book review. Your review and the cover alone have made me want to get hold of a copy right now and try it out


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