Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse

Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse

Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse

Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse

Did somebody say chocolate and mousse in the same sentence? Sign me up please. I’ll take two. Especially because the recipe features an edible container. Who doesn’t like edible containers?! That’s what’s so great about ice cream cones, after you’re done eating the good stuff, you still get to eat more good stuff and I’m all about eating good stuff. Can you tell? It’s not that obvious right? I have to remain calm and composed in the face of chocolate. I can’t let it know who’s boss. It’s a battle that’s been going on my entire life. We’re both worthy opponents, neither of us will back down.

Speaking of not backing down, I got to watch a CrossFit competition this weekend! I love watching CrossFit competitions! Which is funny in a way. I read a meme once that said, “Let me get this straight, you’re just going to watch a whole bunch of people workout?” Ha! Like at least when you watch a sporting event, it’s two teams playing against each other to win a game. But with CrossFit you are just winning at a workout. Normal gyms don’t have like StairMaster competitions or Spinning throw-downs. It just makes me giggle a little. In this competition I had tons of friends competing so it was awesome to cheer them on and watch them PR, in insane heat no less! Seriously it was like 4 million degrees and 1000% humidity. I could barely stand and do nothing in it, let alone burpees. CrossFit Erika came in 3rd place in her first CrossFit competition ever! That’s a big deal! I got to cheer her on and watch her PR her Clean & Jerk! And CrossFit Carrie, my little engine that could! She is so awesome because she works out with all her heart. I love cheering her on and making her laugh mid WOD. She always has such a great attitude about CrossFit and I really admire it. And then Alex, Samantha, Jet, Linda, Ferdi I could go on and on but I won’t bore you, just know they were all amazing! You know what else is amazing? I’ll give you one guess…


    Paleo Chocolate Lovers Mousse
    *Makes 12 Servings

    1 bag Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips (10 oz. or 283g)
    1 cup coconut cream/milk, full fat, refrigerated overnight (about 2 cans)
    1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    2 heaping tablespoons pure maple syrup
    1 teaspoon vanilla
    pinch of sea salt

    1. Melt the bag of Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips using the double boiler method. While you are waiting for the chocolate to melt line a cupcake pan with silicone liners.

    2. After your chocolate has melted use a spoon to coat the inside of the silicone liners. Put a dollop of chocolate in the bottom and spin the cup while pushing the chocolate up with the bottom of the spoon until the insides of the silicone cups are lined evenly. I found the thicker the sides were the better, they were less prone to cracking when trying to remove from the silicone liner.

    3. Place the cupcake pan in the freezer or refrigerator to harden while you prepare the chocolate mousse.

    4. In a tall cup or bowl put the hardened layer of coconut cream/milk from the refrigerated cans, equaling about a cup, along with the rest of the ingredients. Use an immersion blender or hand mixer to combine and whip the ingredients together. Put in the refrigerator to thicken for about 15 minutes.

    5. Remove the cupcake pan and peel the silicone liners off the chocolate. Fill the chocolate cups with mousse however you would like. I got fancy and used a 1M star tip, but you could use a spoon or an ice cream scoop as well. Garnish and enjoy! Keep cups refrigerated between eating.

    For this recipe either coconut cream or coconut milk will work. I tend to prefer coconut cream just because it’s a little thicker and creamier. You can find it next to the coconut milk at Sprouts or Whole Foods. Also, your mousse yield may vary depending on the can of coconut cream/milk. I find the separated creamy layer varies greatly from can to can, sometimes I get two tablespoons, other times I win the jackpot and its practically the entire can. Buy and refrigerate extras just to be safe.

    This is seriously the easiest standard Paleo Mousse ever. I’ve been eating this stuff since I first stared Paleo and I finally decided to get serious and blog about it. I make this mousse so many different ways. My favorite way to eat it is with cut strawberries, the flavors compliment each other so well.

    I also make a chia pudding out of it and instead of whipping everything together with an immersion blender, I just throw it all in a mason jar or re-purposed jar, add about 1/4 cup of chia seeds and shake it until it’s all combined. Use those biceps and that booty! Shake it! Then just throw it in the fridge overnight and when you wake up you’re golden! I also add different extracts to it too, like mint or coffee just to change it up a bit, even adding almond butter is redic. There are so many ways to have your mousse and eat it too!


So what did you think? Easy peasy lemon squeezy right? I like to make big batches of the mousee and just keep it refrigerated to eat throughout the week. If you are just making mousse for yourself you could even just keep your chocolate cups refrigerated until you are ready to eat and make little single serving cups for yourself. These would also be super cute and super fun to serve at a dessert party. WHAT?! A dessert party?! Is there even such a thing? Invite me! Invite me! Fine I’ll have my own dessert party. By myself…in my sweats…watching Serendipity. It’s going to be the best party ever.

Vanessa Barajas
Vanessa Barajas


  1. OooOoOOoOh!! Chocolate cups!!! Be right back to get some of those silicone liners!!

  2. For people that cant get the bags of choc chips (I’m in New Zealand!) how much do they weigh?

    • The bag says 10oz or 283 grams, hope that helps! :)

      • Thanks a million! :)

      • Heather P asked my question (G’day Heather P!)

        Did you know I’m rockin’ your chocolate paleo recipes SO damn much that I bought a 2.5 kilo bag of Callebaut dark chocolate? The sad part is – I’M NOT JOKING!

        Here’s to you, my friend :-)

      • TSL, I’ve updated the blog for all my Aussie/NZ fans! Who knew they didn’t sell chocolate chips in bags! I think I need to make a ‘research’ trip out there. You can give me a chocolate tour. 😉 Congratulations on the chocolate purchase, you won’t regret it. ps. tell LM I don’t share dessert either so I won’t be a threat. Ha!

      • I will tell him (and on the basis of that information alone, I reckon he’ll offer you a chocolate tour of Sydney!)

        We do sell bags of choccy chippies, (we are not THAT backward) just not THAT brand! Besides, we are metric and you, my friend, are old fashioned… just saying!

      • We have hardly touched the 2.5 kg bag of chocolate and it’s been in the cupboard a week, I might have to go back to being selfish about dessert if consumption rates don’t pick up, where’s my mousse? P.S. I am sometimes referred to as LM.

      • Well it’s so great to meet you officially unofficially LM! :) If you are having problems with the 2.5kg bag of chocolate I’m sure I could be of some assistance. Speaking of chocolate you just reminded me of 1/2 a bar I stashed at my desk for just an occasion. I’ll be right back.

  3. I need to find a vanilla version of this deliciousness!

  4. How do you add, say, coffee? Does it take the place of anything? Cant wait to try this! :-)

  5. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  6. I got to snag one of these first-hand by “Finessa” herself! :-) I’ve had the edible-chocolate-cup-things before, and these were great, especially because the bottom part was really hard, forcing me to slow down and eat it in 5 bites instead of 2. That was waaytasty, thank you V!

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  8. these look amazing! Can I substitute heavy whipping cream for the coconut cream? Also, can I use honey instead of maple syrup.

    • It’s your mousse so I say you can do what you want! I’m sure both of those subs will work fine, maybe go a bit easy on the honey since it tends to have a stronger flavor than the maple syrup. :)

      • Thanks Vanessa! I haven’t made a mousse yet and I wanted to make sure that it wouldn’t change the texture. This is today’s project!

  9. THIS…utter tongue bliss…really…I want to try your Chia-shake-ira riff and wondered if you replace any of the coconut milk with the chia…or is this an “add-in” resulting in a firmer product after the overnight in the fridge?….

    Blog “newbie” and unabashed FAN of your superlative everything..Much thanks and appreciation for your wit, photos and paleo palate-pleasers!!!

  10. you are too talented!! can’t wait to make this!

  11. Would this work with paper liners?

  12. Linda billingsley Says: February 27, 2014 at 2:26 am

    Are the chocolate chips semi sweet?

  13. Can I use the liquid part of the coconut cream? The solid part didn’t even get me 3/4 of a cup. I am putting the mousse in the refrigerator over night. If I use the liquid part of the coconut cream, will this help solidify it over night? HELP!!!!

    • Wait I’m confused! Did you chill the can first, or remove the cream first and then chill it? I usually throw about 4 cans in the fridge overnight, a few days is better, but overnight will work. Coconut milk cans are finicky, I find some cans work great and others don’t work at all, meaning there is no cream, just water, or they don’t harden at all. You just want to use the solidified cream part, not the water part, and make sure you are using the full fat version. Hope that helps?

  14. Renee Karschnik Says: May 13, 2014 at 2:09 pm

    I just made the mouse however I used coconut milk instead of the cream, mostly because I drove to 4 different grocery stores including my local all natural grocer and could not find the coconut cream. I made your recipe exactly as you have it but my mouse is still pretty runny. Any tips or ideas on how I can firm it up??
    Thank you!

    • Canned coconut milk will work fine. I usually throw a few cans in at a time because they can be finicky. I found what works best (after TONS of trial and error) is to put the cans in the fridge at least overnight. A few days is even better. Then when they are ready, turn them upside down to open and drain the remaining liquid coconut water out. What you should be left with is a hardened cream. It also works well if you use a cold metal bowl to mix everything. I place one in the freezer about 15 minutes before I plan on making the mousse. Then add the ingredients and mix using a hand mixer or immersion blender. Since you’ve already made the mousse try leaving it in the fridge overnight to firm up. I will update the recipe with this info in hopes it can help some other folks out too. Good luck!

      • Renee Karschnik Says: May 13, 2014 at 2:36 pm

        Okay. Thank you! Hopefully it will firm up inthe fridge . If not I guess it can make a good protien shake :-)

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