Carrot Cake Bars

Carrot Cake Bars

How drool-worthy do these Carrot Cake Bars look?! I want to shove them in my face! I’m so excited to share this recipe with you because it’s from my friend Lexi’s brand new book, Lexi’s Clean Kitchen: 150 Delicious Paleo-Friendly Recipes to Nourish Your Life! For those of you who don’t know Lexi, she’s awesome. […] Read more…

Apple Pie Bars

Caramel Apple Pie Bars

So remember when I accidentally discovered caramel last week while making the frosting for the Paleo German Chocolate Cupcakes? Well these Paleo Caramel Apple Pie Bars are what happens when you accidentally discover caramel. That and I have about 3 recipes I’m working on, all drenched in caramel. I love caramel, do you? I hadn’t […] Read more…