Paleo Blueberry Lemon Tartlets

Blueberry Lemon Tartlets

It’s not really blueberry season yet, but sometimes you just can’t wait. I used to hate blueberries before I started eating better, and now they are my favorite. I love the really tart ones. They’re the best. I like to eat them like M&M’s, and just shove a big handful in my face…mmmm M&M’s. The […] Read more…

Twix Bar Tarts

Twix Bar Tarts

I’m sorry. Did you just see the Twix Bar Tart. Can we just have a moment to let it sink in. Yum. Okay so where do I even start you guys?! Paleo f(x) was AMAZING, absolutely AMAZING. Austin is such a cool city. Tons of cool places to eat good food and drink craft cocktails […] Read more…