S’mores Jars

I love S’mores. Like love love S’mores. And I really like food in jars, it’s cute, so I feel like it’s S’mores Jars for the win. In my cookbook I have like 27 S’mores recipes. Okay so that’s a bold faced lie, but seriously I think there’s like five, S’mores Pie, S’mores Bars, S’more Donuts, […] Read more…

S'mores Bites

Campfire-less S’mores Bites

Sometimes you feel like a campfire, sometimes you don’t, but you ALWAYS feel like S’mores. Am I right or am I right? So this is my indoor, no campfire required, tent and sleeping bag optional, version of S’mores. So before you have a hissy, this recipe is not strict Paleo…but really…were we ever under the […] Read more…